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Wordle Unlimited

Do you want to try the unlimited version of the Wordle game? Wordle Unlimited is a version of the Wordle game with no restrictions on the number of daily puzzles. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, released the Wordle game in early 2022. Immediately after its launch, the game was positively received by people.

You can now play Wordle more than once a day, thanks to the release of the Word Unlimited version! The game also expands the 5-letter word puzzle version in many different languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.

What is the Wordle Unlimited game?

Wordle Unlimited is a simple game that requires players to guess a 5-letter word in six tries with unlimited words per day. You will have to rely on your knowledge and judgment to win this game. The element of focus will also help you make the best judgments and answers. If you can't find the hidden word after 6 attempts, you will lose! Your performance statistics will become more impressive if you solve the correct keyword puzzle in less than six guesses.

How does the game Wordle Unlimited differ from classic Wordle? 

To remove the restriction of only one word released per day, Wordle Unlimited allows players to discover many mysterious words every day. 

After you win the first challenge with a 5-letter word, you can open the game website in another browser or F5 to start a new Wordle puzzle. 

How to play Wordle Unlimited

Each turn gives the player a random word to guess within six attempts. After each guess, the letters will be highlighted in the following colors: green, yellow, or gray. These colors let the player know how the letters relate to the results.

  • A green letter indicates that the letter is in the correct word and position.
  • A yellow letter signifies that the letter is present in the keyword, but it is positioned incorrectly.
  • A gray letter indicates that the letter is completely absent from the word

How to play Wordle Unlimited

Players will guess from top to bottom until the end of six attempts. If you find the word within six attempts, you win. If you can't guess in six attempts, you lose! Are you ready to start the Wordle Unlimited game?

Tips and Tricks

Your first guess:

Choose a good starting word that is recommended to include at least three vowels.

Words list:

Think logically and analyze words to keep or eliminate letters. Popularly used letters can sometimes be a positive indication.


Color code:

Compile a list of potential words in the letter marked in green and yellow. Look for vowels and consonants that can come in pairs, or words with double letters.


What makes the Wordle Unlimited game so popular?

The Wordle Unlimited game became popular for many reasons. First, it trains people with a fairly large vocabulary. The gameplay is simple, but it is very attractive. 

Second, the game generates a set of unlimited puzzles during the day, and players can solve one puzzle after another to improve their vocabulary knowledge, and skills. This allows players not to have to wait up to 24 hours for a new mysterious word puzzle. 

You can play a completely free game without downloading it, and there's no need to watch promotional videos. Wordle Unlimited is a perfect game for everyone. So, share this unlimited wordle game with your friends and family! 

List the most popular games on Wordle Unlimited

  • Quordle Unlimited: A game four times more difficult than Wordle. The game challenges players to identify four five-letter mystery words within nine guesses. 
  • Infinite Craft: This is a creative game with a comfortable space for players to connect endlessly. The game draws inspiration from the fundamental elements of earth, wind, fire, and water to establish a vibrant ecosystem. 
  • Nerdle: Data scientist Richard Mann has launched the number puzzle game Nerdle, based on Wordle's origins, which challenges players to figure out mathematical formulas per day. 
  • Letter Boxed Unlimited: A game that builds words by connecting letters available in the box. True to its name, you can play puzzles with an unlimited number of words per day.

Ratings and reviews

The Wordle Unlimited game is available on all platforms and devices, bringing many benefits to players. The game has received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from people for its features and easy-to-read interface. In Google Play, there have been 8.98K player reviews on phones that have received 4.5 stars.

Beginners can easily play this simple game. This is a wonderful way to practice and learn vocabulary in many different languages for free.

Players have expressed their love for the unlimited wordle version, which allows them to solve the puzzle at any time by adding new words.

If you are a player interested in the reputation of the word puzzle game Wordle, go to the "Comments" section of to read previous players' responses.

  • Hector said: "Wordle is my favorite game. I always play it because I feel lonely so I helps me feel smart #standingonbuisnes:)"
  • Tyler said: "I LOVE playing wordle. I'm so lonely. It brings me joy. #rebel. I play in school all the time.) :) love u heheheheh" 
  • Steve Brown has a comment on June 19, 2024: "Great game for practicing Wordle. I've been playing the multi player game. I love the new, modern look of the updated game."


Wordle Unlimited is a popular word puzzle game that has received a lot of positive feedback from players. The game brings a world of unlimited and free puzzles for all ages. Not only is the game entertaining, but it also teaches about language and logical thinking. Players who love word puzzles can play Wordle Unlimited for free on the site and share with friends in the community about the game's achievements and puzzles. Participate in word puzzles in many different language versions to discover interesting things, as well as many other games in the same genre.