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Crissle Crossle

Crissle Crossle is a word puzzle game with two-dimensional color analysis. The goal is to solve the five-letter word puzzle in eight guesses, and you can find the answer as soon as possible.

There are two modes in the game:

  • Daily Crissle Crossle: play once daily
  • Practice Crissle Crossle: play unlimited

How to play Crissle Crossle:

Use the mouse to select the appropriate letters in the box and click "enter."
The color analysis feature will vary from cell to cell, depending on the level of accuracy. The correct solutions are in the green boxes, just like in Wordle, and you should use them throughout this answer.
Blue crosswords can distract you from your goal.

Join the game, complete the puzzles, and then share your puzzle achievements with your friends every day.