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Foodle, an extremely intriguing word-guessing game with a food theme that was launched, was inspired by the Wordle game. In order to win this game, you must describe the food so that your companion can identify it without your help. There is no doubt that Foodle is the best game for you if you enjoy both eating and word games. Each round is different as you challenge yourself to come up with increasingly inventive ways to describe diverse dishes. 

How to play the Foodle game?

There are some fundamentals you should adhere to even if each round is different.

You should ensure to have a timer and that everyone is ready before you begin.

You must start by summarizing the meal as if you were questioning a suspect because you are the one asking it.

The respondent then provides an estimation. If the answerer provides a suitable response, the questioner is awarded points. If not, points are awarded if the respondent makes the necessary number of attempts.

Comparable to Round 1, except with the roles reversed.