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Tridle is a 5-letter word guessing online game that is considered a variant of the Wordle game. Players must attempt to solve three puzzles at once in the game within eight guesses. Coming to this trickier variation of guessing, you can test your mettle. Thanks to the novel word idea, the Tridle game is becoming one of the most popular and worth playing games.  

How to play the Tridle game?

The main goal of the Tridle game is to locate three words or solve three wordle puzzles on a single screen.

  • You must locate three consecutive words to win the game. All three columns are filled in when you enter a word.
  • Letters that turn yellow indicate that they are in a different cell but still match a word. Any letter that changes to green denotes that it exactly matches the word and the appropriate box.
  • The puzzle process will become simpler if you can initially decipher two or three letters.
  • When you correctly guess each of the three words, you will win.